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About Venus Factor

How we're revolutionizing weight loss for women.

The Venus Factor started with scientific research into human female metabolism which revealed a simple fact: the hormone Leptin is responsible for weight loss and women are inherently at a disadvantage when it comes to taking advantage of the power of Leptin. For more details about Leptin, check out How It Works.

The founders of the Venus Factor were concerned with helping women overcome the Leptin problem and through further research and process-refining, a solution emerged. There are certain foods which increase or decrease your ability to lose weight, and if you follow the right plan, you can lose weight even while you're sleeping! Like the goddess rising from the ocean in the famous Boticelli painting, the Venus Factor emerged from the research and has been providing thousands of women with a viable weight loss solution ever since.

What Venus Factor Isn't:

· It's not another fad diet.

· It's not a pharmaceutical-based solution.

· It's not a magical quick-fix.

· It's not a temporary plan which will result in weight gain when you're done.

· It's not designed for "anybody", as it's not designed for men.

What Venus Factor Is:

· A long-term solution with results you'll see right away.

· A weight loss plan designed specifically for female bodies.

· A way to gain energy and avoid fatigue.

· A solution which doesn't result in plateaus and future weight gain.

· A way to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight!

· A healthy, natural solution to weight loss.

The Venus Factor Includes:

The Venus Factor is a 12-week nutrition plan which is designed specifically to boost your Leptin levels and diminish your Leptin resitance. For more details about Leptin, please check out How It Works!

On top of the nutrition plan and educational resources, you'll also gain access to the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist, who will help you discover which foods to eat at the right time in order to lose weight from your problem areas effectively.

That's not all, though! You've heard that a good diet plan needs a good exercise plan to go with it. We agree! A diet plan just for women needs a weight loss plan just for women. We will include not one, but two sets of Venus Factor workout videos. These exercise routines are designed specifically to boost your metabolism for weight loss. Taken together, the diet plan and the workouts will make sure that you get the most out of the reviews for the Venus Factor and get all the tools you need to change your metabolism into a fat-burning machine!

One more thing. Losing weight is hard alone, but it's much easier with support. That's why you'll also gain access to the Venus Immersion community, made up of thousands of women who are losing weight using the Venus Factor and who are supporting each other every day by sharing their positive experiences.

Taken together, the Venus Factor gives you the support, education, nutrition plan and workout plan that you need to lose weight quickly and healthily and to keep it off for good. Say goodbye to unsuccessful diet plans. Say hello to Venus Factor and a whole new metabolism for your amazing body!

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